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What a relief!...I have never had a dentist who explained things so well, listened to my concerns and who helped me relax. Thank you to Dr. Ko and her staff.
patient of hemet valley dental care

Love my Dentist! Dr. Ko and her staff is Great! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else! Thank You Hemet Valley Dental Care for taking care of my teeth!

Can't say that I really look forward to going to a dentist, but I always enjoy seeing all of you. Your office personnel are always so upbeat.
Nancy M.

Dr. Judith Ko is a remarkable dentist and human being and . . . she's my
new dentist! Why? Due to some unfortunate experiences, I had become one of
those patients whose afraid of the dentist. Not anymore! For the first time
in over 60 years I experienced ZERO pain, ZERO discomfort and 100%
SATISFACTION during and AFTER a dental visit for major work.

Not only did Dr. Ko go the extra mile to insure I was informed and
comfortable, she was completely professional and fun to be around. And, her
staff. WOW! Out of the ordinary wonderful, thoughtful and kind.

Now I'm actually looking forward to my next procedure. Go figure!

In my opinion, you won't go wrong changing dentist to experience this kind
of care.

Sarah M.
Former "Anxiety" Dental Patient

A lifetime of poor dental treatment, from childhood trauma to incompetent practice,
had made the dentist’s chair an extremely stressful place for me. Pre-medication and
high levels of anaesthetic were an essential part of any visit. Dr. Judith Ko has
put an end to that, re-building not only my teeth but also, and just as importantly,
my confidence and trust.
Her high level of skill and technical ability has restored, rejuvenated and
transformed my mouth, but the truly outstanding aspect of Dr. Ko’s practice is the
diligent care and attention to every detail. This creates a soothing and relaxed
environment and therefore a comfortable dental experience, something that previously
I would not have thought possible.
My wife and I are greatly appreciative of the exceptional level of both treatment
and care that we have received from both Dr. Ko and her excellent support team over
the past three years. It is an absolute pleasure to recommend them.

Adam F

As a rule I don't like anything to do with the dental office, I actually look forward to my appts with you folks. You are restoring a smile and making an old guy feel welcome. Thank you...youre staff has made all the difference in the world...Keep up the great work ..

Dr. Ko hears what I want for my teeth and works with me to ensure great dental health and a healthy white smile. She is very patient and careful about my comfort level, bite and how I feel. My success in achieving my healthy white smile is her success too!
Sherri G.

Dr. Ko and staff are very professional yet make you feel #1. Her work is outstanding. She listens well, never rushes and she includes you in making any decisions regarding your teeth and health. Her positive manner supports her high standard and integrity. She's a #1 dentist. You leave her office smiling!

After 53 years of dental care (16+ crowns, 4-5 root canals and periodontal care - 10 years- 4 cleanings a year. I had given up and figured - "Let them fall out! I'm tired of all this." Three years later they had not fallen out yet - so I looked in the 'yellow pages' in Hemet for a dentist. I read every single ad. Dr. Ko's was in good taste and appealed to me. So I made an appointment and found her to be a kind, sincere caring person. We spoke at quite a length about my dental care. She took x-rays and made a treatment plan that I participated in. Instead of being 'told' what to do, I was given choices. I liked this. We have gone step-by-step since then. She also has my husband for a patient and I was an active participant in his care. She's the eighth dentist in my life and the best one.
Eleanor G.

Dr. Ko gave me a treatment plan that included four implants. Then she made the upper and lower plates (dentures) and I'm so happy with them. I had two other sets of dentures and wore each of them only a short amount of time. After Dr. Ko created my last set I went right out and had steak. These are like my own teeth.
Otto G.